Why Should Agencies Leverage Podcasts - Mark Colgan

marketing podcast Apr 19, 2023

In this GYDA talks, Robert talks to Mark Colgan. Mark is an entrepreneur and revenue leader responsible for increasing revenue across a small portfolio of companies where he leverages his 13 years experience of B2B Sales, Marketing and Recruitment.

Mark currently splits his time as Co-founder of Speak On Podcasts, mentoring B2B Startups via GrowthMentor and ScaleWise, The Product Onboarders and coaching 100’s of SDR’s through his Outbound Prospecting and Cold Email Bootcamp course via The Sales Impact Academy.

Please note that this video has a 'Bad Language Alert'!


Robert and Mark discuss:

  • Why become a podcast guest?
  • Who should do it? and with whom?
  • How to get going?
  • What gear?
  • Video vs audio?
  • Short or long form?
  • How to get the gig?
  • What results are possible?
  • When do you do it?
  • Where should you explore?
  • What are agencies like at marketing themselves?


Mark Colgan