Running a Successful Agency as a Female Leader - Ann Stanley, Anicca

marketing people and culture podcast strategy and planning Jan 05, 2023

In this GYDA Talks, Robert talks to Ann Stanley. Ann is the Founder and CEO of Anicca Digital, with over 20 years’ experience of online marketing. In 2016, Ann was named Leicestershire Business Woman of the Year.

Ann provides consultancy and training on a range of digital marketing techniques including; strategy/planning, analytics/auditing, website design/development, ecommerce marketing, SEO, PPC, email marketing, affiliate marketing, and social media. However, she is most well known for speaking on Google Ads and paid media.

Ann has worked with hundreds of clients providing honest advice on how they can improve their digital marketing to make their businesses grow and become more profitable.

Robert and Ann discuss:

- Gender and equality in the agency world
- Leading as a woman in the digital agency world
- What you wish you'd known...?
- What is a successful agency?
- Staff being promoted as tech or people people…on pay-scales (so no glass ceilings)
- How to hire? Go for people with experience or not?
- Recruitment bootcamp
- How is a £2m agency different from a £5m agency?
- The growing business invests in the sales machine
- Sexism in the industry
- Digital skills boot-camp
- Working from home
- Glass ceiling re day rates
- Do clients buy locally? eg East Midlands …

Have a listen to their discussion.

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