How to Operationalize Your Marketing - Sara Nay, Duct Tape Marketing

marketing operations tools / process systems podcast strategy and planning Dec 15, 2022

In this GYDA Talks, Robert talks to Sara Nay. Sara is the COO at Duct Tape Marketing, Founder of Spark Lab Consulting, and host of the Agency Spark Podcast. With 12+ years working in the small business space, it is her passion to install marketing and operating systems for small business owners so they can get more clarity and freedom in their lives. Outside of work, Sara tries to spend as much time as possible outdoors with her daughters and husband - from skiing and hiking, to biking and camping.

We see too many agencies focusing simply on tactics and therefore, not being as effective as possible for their clients. It all comes down to focusing on your customer journey - which will ultimately provide you more clarity and control of your marketing.

Sara will take you through:

  • What's wrong with marketing today, how to focus on the customer journey, building your marketing systems
  • The marketing hourglass (know, like, trust, nurture, refer, repeat)
  • Lack of CTAs or a plan
  • Help the customer understand their journey, where they can get with you.
  • Paint the opportunity
  • Combine digital assets with a human touch

Have a listen to their discussion.

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