Digital Agencies Shouldn’t Do Digital… To Get Clients

marketing podcast Sep 28, 2023

Watch this GYDA Talks - Bitesize, where Rob talks controversially about why forging personal connections with your potential clients, works better than trying to market to them through digital marketing... your own speciality!



Robert Craven  00:08

Hello, I am really frustrated with digital agencies trying to market themselves digitally. No, I know that kind of seems logical. You're a digital agency. Therefore, what you should be doing is marketing yourself digitally, to Facebook ads, LinkedIn ads, getting into Tik Tok, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, PPC. But the evidence that we're getting wholeheartedly from agencies that we're working with, is that it just doesn't work. It's just not giving you the clients, the quality of clients you want and it's not giving you the cost of customer acquisition. You're actually after and hey, guess what guys and gals. It's the good old fashioned traditional stuff, which is working right now. I mean, right now, I've spoken to about 10 people this week.


Robert Craven  01:04

And they're all raving literally raving about the success they're having by not marketing themselves digitally. Not using digital technology, sophisticated advertising, PPC, focusing remarketing, targeting retargeting in order to get their clients. What they're doing is they are going down this traditional kind of referrals, talking to people talking to people, Yeah, okay, online, maybe on LinkedIn, getting hold of people talking to people chatting to them, finding out what they need, finding out how they can help them meeting for a coffee, meeting for dinner, the old fashioned way of connecting with people, so that you know about them, and they understand you and you can help each other. And it's kind of blindingly obvious that this is something that's going to work because your business is not purely transactional, that is relationship. Although we claim to make our decisions rationally. Actually, we rationalise emotive decisions. So if you're able to communicate and engage with potential clients, get to know them, for them to get to know and get to understand you, then you've probably got a better chance of making the sales and trying to sell your digital agency wares in a highly digital manner and off.