Book Download - Back to Basics - 21 ways to increase marketing performance and success by Simon Akers

book courses & learning resources Dec 01, 2021

Increasing performance from your marketing is going to be more important than ever this year.

There is also no room for another trends report, for unfounded predictions of the future. Therefore, now is the best time to get the basics right, make things work as hard as possible, and look at the core areas of your marketing and activity.

Published now, the book ‘Back to Basics: 21 ways to increase marketing performance and success‘ will guide you through the key steps to ensure you have nailed the basics.

What you’ll get

  • Ensure you are covering the fundamentals, the ‘Brilliant Basics’
  • You are positioned well with things such as price, messaging, design and creative
  • You understand different media opportunities, from traditional to digital marketing channels
  • Understand how things are actually going for you, such as tracking and measurement
  • You are conscious of different audiences types, channels and what will ultimately drive performance and success
  • Authored and edited by Simon Akers, a marketing and media strategist and consultant with 15+ years experience across advertisers big and small across the world
  • Hundreds of years experience combined, in 21 Chapters and from 40 marketing experts – from Brands, Agencies, Founders, Strategists, CMOs to members of Archmon’s own Outcome Collective
  • Bonus Chapter & Extras, Jargon Buster and Reading Resources

Some things are unknown, but that’s not our focus here. Other things are irrefutable laws and that is where we play. What the past, the present, and the known future events/developments can teach us.

Give us a couple of details and Claim your copy in eBook format ‘Back to Basics: 21 ways to increase marketing performance and success’.


It is absolutely Free of Charge, as we want this to help businesses and marketers as far and wide as possible. All we ask is you read it, maybe use it, and share it with someone else who might need it. Oh, and donate to a mental health charity (Shawmind) listed at back of book if you really want to pay an equivalent something.


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