Video - Stabilising Your Core Service with Alyson Caffrey of Operations Agency

operations tools / process systems podcast strategy and planning Sep 14, 2022

In this GYDA Talks, Robert talks to Alyson Caffrey of Operations Agency. Alyson is the founder of Operations Agency and co-creator of the Operations Simplified™ Framework. She's commonly referred to as ‘The Wolf' among her clients because she just gets shit done. Alyson is best known for helping streamline the back-end ops for a multitude of brands, but mostly digital and creative agencies.

As a fractional COO for many high-growth businesses, Alyson fell in love with the results that clear ops bring to a service business. She and the team at Operations Agency are determined to help businesses thrive profitably, serve more clients and create high-performing teams. Alyson is a mom to two sons and enjoys spending her time at home with her growing family.

Ops help an agency help more clients, improve margins and generate freedom for the business owner. Listen now to avoid the pitfalls and expense of having little to no operating structure. Their margins will be more attractive faster.

  • Understand the required team transitions as you grow from a lean team to become more specialist
  • Identify results and the operations that will create them
  • Use a peer group for support
  • The Boss doesn't need to be a teacher but rather a provider of opportunities
  • Learn by guesswork is OK
  • Profit shares encourage active participation
  • Symptoms people present:
    - everything is on fire
    - a team member leaves
    - hiring too quickly
  • Put bumpers in place when small; be more precise as you have more specialised people
  • The tech does not matter for managing ops; it is the principle that matters
  • Create a Playbill so everyone know what to expect

Key things to sort the ops
1) SOPs, templates and a clear centralised playbook
2) centralised project management tool (incl rules of engagement)
3) centralised data