Video - Get Frictionless

podcast Aug 02, 2022

VIDEO: 2:53 mins
AUTHOR: Robert Craven

Every day we encounter friction in our lives, from a queue at the supermarket to our computer not turning on quick enough to... wow there we go... your computer crashing in the middle of writing a blog post... seriously, just happened.

"It is imperative we build products that are as frictionless as possible.”  Yes or No? Customers want everything quicker and faster. But how? Listen to Robert in this video short.




Robert Craven  00:06 

A quick brief on how the world has changed. I think the thing that I want to talk about is the customers and the clients and how they feel the world changed, they now feel and we need to get our heads around this, they now feel that we as suppliers need to be more grateful and more, more responsive to what they want, partly because they are in precious supply partly because many people are finding it difficult.  


Robert Craven  00:33 

But also because we've gone through this digital transformation piece that people are become way more digital, everything is online, you can buy everything online from a pencil to a coffee to a meal. And so many of those old experiences have disappeared. But what hasn't disappeared is the expectation which has been created by by Amazon Prime, that stuff will arrive really really quickly. People want it fast. They want it frictionless, they want it quickly and they want it with a smile you know so this morning I spent nearly an hour fighting with a with a website from a government institution to get some really simple paperwork.  


Robert Craven  01:16 

The website didn't work. The download didn't download the telephone line which I found took me nearly an hour to get through to the purchase that I made took nearly 20 minutes to do it was just a nightmare mainly because I have an expectation which comes from the frictionless world which is Amazon Prime all I want all I want one of those what are the choices are by that one? Wait 12 hours there it is on my doorstep. That's what all of us are competing with. We're competing with Disney in terms of delivering customers King celebrity service making people feel special. And we're delivering with Amazon prime in terms of people having an expectation of quick response. Everything that we do needs to offer that quick fast response response to the email response to the purchase response to the delivery. This oh we'll do it on Monday when we get round to it stuff just isn't good enough. So the watch words are are about about speed about speeding, doozy awesome, and about listening and also just making it as frictionless as possible. And as we look at our own products and services we we're aware of where the blockages and where the slowdowns are. So my word for today is frictionless. Go off and be frictionless. Thank you very much for listening.