Thought Bubble - CTRL ALT DEL Your Time

podcast Jul 28, 2022

VIDEO: 4:20 mins
AUTHOR: Robert Craven

You need to ruthlessly claw back an hour a day so that you are being truly effective when you do work. Watch this video short from Robert on how to do so!



Robert Craven  00:07 

Hi, in this three four minute thought bubble, I want to talk about the idea of Control Alt Delete on how you go around being a digital agency leader, I think you I think we might have got it wrong, we've become obsessed with the idea that long hours equals success, that working hard, long hours means that ideally, we are entitled to high levels of profit and happiness. And I'm not sure when I look at the really successful agency leaders, that correlation is actually true. The really successful agency leaders are doing more of the good stuff and less of the bad stuff. Let me explain what I mean. They are doing more $1,000 an hour pieces of work. And they're doing less $10 an hour pieces of work. So what you need to do is you need to get shot at the $10 an hour pieces of work. They are clear about what good looks like and they're clear about what bad looks like they are absolutely ruthless about delegating, they're ruthless about about protecting their time and their diary. And the number one thing you can do to protect your diary is not to make the diary bigger. Oh, I'll start at 830 I'll start eight or I'll start oh, there are so many stories of agency folks who get up at five in the morning. But there are some. But that isn't necessarily the means to success, the means to success is that when you work you work really effectively.  


Robert Craven  01:36 

Now, by definition, being effective means there a time when you're not effective. So you need to cut that out. This is about how do you become more effective by cutting things out by doing less of the more you cut out, the more you focus, this is pure, cost 80/20 stuff bigger, where you make the most money and do more of that figure out where you make the least money and do less of that this also applies to your time. If you're 80/20. And ruthlessly, you shouldn't be working 10-12 hour days. In fact, I would argue that you should take an hour for yourself each day out of your work out of your work hours, so that your workouts that are left are more effective. And what do you do with that time?  


Robert Craven  02:22 

Well, for a start, you get yourself mentally and physically organised, that that's about making sure you're doing enough exercise and making sure you're sleeping well enough and making sure you're relaxing well enough, whether that be yoga, or walking or whatever it is, but some sense of relaxation. And what most people who are really effective at doing if they're using the first hour to really reflect and decide what they're going to do that day as opposed to getting the phone out on the way to the toilet as they get out of bed, check their emails, and so on and so forth. Okay, it's about working on the big stuff not working on the little stuff.  


Robert Craven  03:04 

And the more you're able to back off from oh my God, I've got to be busy, I've got to be busy because everyone's busy, busy equal success and turnaround into making sure you work on the big stuff, the further you're gonna go, we know that you know, the way you're going to grow your business is more likely to be doing the deals you cut the relationships you make than the actual tipa tipa tipa championship, a chapter that you're actually doing on the keyboard. So we need possibly a Ctrl Alt Delete, so that we become incredibly more effective so that that one day when we're really effective before we go on holiday. That's the level of effectiveness, not the madness that goes with that. But that's the effectiveness. We need to be doing more $1,000 an hour and less $10 an hour. And on that note, I'm going to leave you to think about what would a Ctrl Alt Delete, do the way that you work? Is there a better way that you could be working? Is there a better way that you can be a digital agency leader? I think there is one. Thank you very much for listening