Thought Bubble - Create an irresistible Product

podcast Aug 02, 2022

VIDEO: 5:51 mins
AUTHOR: Robert Craven

Create an irresistible product that is a joy to use. Create something that people need, cannot live without and just have to buy from you. Listen to Robert remunerating on the subject!




Robert Craven  00:07 

Here's my quote for the day, simple, create, irresistible product, the joy to use, repeat that create, manufacture, design, build, deliver an irresistible product, a product that people cannot resist something that gives people what they want something that people know they have to have product, something which which is kind of packaged in terms of what the inputs are and what their habits are and what the process is in the middle. So create an irresistible product. That's a joy to use, that people actually enjoy using either because it's a pleasant experience, the customer experience is pleasant, or because it delivers what they want. So this quote is from Richard cough, create an irresistible product that was a joy to use. And it's really been bugging me, not not least about my business, but about any other business that I go into at the moment or would just create an irresistible product was a joy to use, the joy to use that people enjoy using because it does what it says on the box, it's not that difficult.  


Robert Craven  01:21 

The question is, you know, how do you do that? Well, I think you do, almost certainly by simplifying simplifying your message simplifying output, simplifying the results, simplifying your, your your focus and your knees becoming really, really awesome at something, because there are certain things that people will pay disproportionately more for. 


Robert Craven  01:46 

 And I think you kind of need to imagine it as some kind of a matrix around that, that value that you can deliver and what people will pay, you know, to deliver the EPP theme programme. It's unlikely that people want to see themselves paying more than 50,70, 100 pounds an hour or 10% of spend or heavy duty. But if you're delivering guarantee customers with a contract signed up, I know I know you don't do that stuff. You're just a PPC agency. But let's just just stick with me for a moment. People will pay so much for a DIY product. They'll pay way, way more for a done for you product. I think that's what they want. Because what customers want when they wake up in the morning, do they say I want today I want I need more than anything else today is I need I need a PPC campaign focusing on product X or a content programme or a YouTube video advertising campaign or a website? No, they don't. They wake up in the morning saying I need more bloody customers. It's Christmas on the way I need more bloody customers? How can I get more bloody customers? And how can I do it cheaply. Each customer currently costs me 10 pounds to acquire anyone who can acquire me a customer for less than 10 pounds. They got my business. So a couple of questions about your agency. Have you created an irresistible product?  


Robert Craven  03:25 

That's a joy to use. Is your agency offering irresistible to the right person? Is it a joy to use? More importantly, would it be cleverer for you to not be going down the food chain of just delivering digit monkeys banging away on keyboards, but would it be clever if you'd be delivering strategic work where the value to the client is way bigger, that probably less competition and you can and you can differentiate yourself from other people and you can segment into markets where you have unparalleled knowledge. I just want you to think about that phrase create an irresistible product that's a joy to use. You probably do it by simplify. But my point is also that if if people will pay you know five pounds for five pounds for a bag of plaster and a trowel you know they'll pay 50 quid for a YouTube course on how to use the trowel and and how to how to make it happen.  


Robert Craven  04:37 

How much would they pay for a plaster to do the work they'll pay the plaster 100 quid now and it's about understanding you know where you are in the value chain you know who's who's laughing he's laughing makes in this one okay, This shop sells loads and loads of bags of plaster. You're going to sell an awful lot of bags of plaster to meet the margin that the plasterer makes. So I just want to just get you to think about about about your customer and the product you deliver. Is it irresistible product? That's a joy to use. What would it look like if it was an irresistible product? That was a joy to use? And don't you think the agencies do deliver irresistible products or enjoys you? Do you think that they have a p&l and the balance sheets to prove it? I'll leave that one with you. Thank you very much for listening.