Thought Bubble - Content is King... Really?

podcast Aug 03, 2022

VIDEO: 2:58 mins
AUTHOR: Robert Craven

Is content king... really? Listen to Robert Craven talking about content and what people really need. It may be content, it may be engagement, it may be education, or it may very well be that they just want to talk to you!




Robert Craven  00:08 

Quick rant really about this whole content is King thing, which seems to me to be palpably, obviously, blindly, obviously, not true. And yet people are endlessly in the out of thing that really matters, content is King content is King. Content is King.  


Robert Craven  00:28 

I'd like to challenge that. And the reason I'd like to challenge that it's a really quite straight, straightforward one. When you actually go and you look at content, when someone sends you a piece of content, when you go on to LinkedIn, or Facebook or Twitter or someone sends you a piece of content or is attached to an email, or it's or it's in a, in a website, is content is content.  


Robert Craven  00:51 

And I'm just wondering how much you actually read it as a user with your customer hat on when someone sends you a piece of content? Isn't what you do, actually, the very reverse to try and read it, but actually try and not read it and find a reason for not reading the content. All right, it's been sent a piece of content. It's not read it. Oh, looks too long. Oh, I'll read it later. And yeah, when we flip it round, we're toll industry. And we often tell our clients content is King, you need to create content, because content what people want. The main challenge is, is it content that people want, content that people want? Or is it some kind of, I use the word engagement, but maybe that's too posh and poncey a word. Maybe just people just want to just see who you are and what you do and how you do it. And in fact, every time that you send out content, what you're doing is you're putting a filter between a barrier between you and them, you'll make it harder for them to relate to you and harder for them to understand what it is you really do. And what they really want to do is they want to have a conversation with you.  


Robert Craven  02:06 

So, this content is King thing. It may well work if you're selling to vast numbers of people but if you're trying to appeal to a limited customer base, maybe content in King is not is King, maybe content is King is not the answer maybe being vulnerable. Being yourself. Maybe that's the thing that makes you so different from everyone else. So is content King content being important. Of course, it is. But actually, I think the connection and recognition that they can help you is more important. So as an agency owner, maybe you should be certainly out less content and maybe you should be sending out more about you yourself what you do. How you feel.