The Netpeak Story - How to Run an Agency in Ukraine During a War

leadership mindset podcast strategy and planning Aug 15, 2023

An extraordinary interview. An extraordinary situation. Humbling and yet inspiring. Listen as Vladyslav Braganets, CEO of Netpeak Alliance, tells the story of Netpeak and how they continue to run an agency in Ukraine during a war.

Robert and Vlad discuss:

  • What happened in the first weeks?
  • Who is working there now?
  • Delivering awesome work that delivers awesome value
  • People shouldn’t buy from Ukraine because they feel sorry for them, but on they should buy on the business merits
  • People as your #1 asset
  • Don’t wait - be proactive with staff, clients, suppliers. Take ownership and control of your situation
  • In this story, is it the Netpeak culture that is so special or is it Ukrainian or both?
  • How to deal with the trauma within the company?
  • So, focus on your people
  • How can we (outside Ukraine) help?