SYSTEMology with David Jenyns

leadership operations tools / process systems podcast Nov 13, 2023

In this GYDA Talks, Robert talks to David Jenyns. David is an experienced entrepreneur who sold the Melbourne Cricket Ground in his early twenties and founded Melbourne SEO Services. He systemized himself out of that business in 2016 and founded SYSTEMology to help business owners implement systems to scale their business. Today, he supports a growing community of certified SYSTEMologists, delivers workshops, keynote addresses, hosts a podcast, and is on a mission to free business owners worldwide from daily operations.

You know how most business owners can’t step away from their business for more than a day or two without things coming to a grinding halt? David has developed a proprietary method to duplicate the business owner and their best team members so that the business runs without the owner. It helps to extract, organise and optimise best practices within small businesses.

‌Robert and David discuss:

- The Catalyst
- No instant Gratification
- DIY or DFY or neither?
- Falling in love with the result
- The system is your most important asset
- You don’t need to be a systematic person
- Map the critical client flow
- Create minimum viable systems
- 9-15 months
- Get some quick wins