Robert Craven on Showing People you Care.

podcast Jul 28, 2022

VIDEO: 4:33 mins
AUTHOR: Robert Craven

An extension to the conversations about quantifiable propositions and elevator pitches…

The Elevator pitch is:

  • We work with…
  • Who have a problem with…
  • What we do is… and so on.


You also need

  • An overt business benefit
  • A Real reason to believe you can deliver
  • A Dramatic difference.


But also you need to remember that the one thing that other people can’t do is the YOU bit, the way you do stuff, the way you care and who you care about. What you stand for…


Here is the quote that hits you between the eyes…
“People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care”

Theodore Roosevelt.


So, who do you care about?

Why do you care about them?

What problems do they have and why do they have them?

What problems are you trying to solve?

What are you doing to demonstrate that you care?

How do you demonstrate that you care?

Remember, people buy from people like themselves.


So, demonstrate that you care.

Then you will stand out. You will be dramatically, remarkable different from the rest.




Robert Craven  00:06 

Hi. What I'd like to talk about is really an extension to some conversations I've been having around quantifiable value propositions around how we put together our elevator pitch.  


Robert Craven  00:21 

So everyone's heard me talk about it. Elevator Pitch, we work with to have a problem with what we do is so that, which means that. Fine, cool, everyone's heard me talk about things you need in place are an over business benefits, some numbers demonstrating that you can deliver a real reason to believe you can deliver a dramatic difference. I think we've missed a piece and a conversation with Barnaby winter has reminded me that there's an underlying basic fundamental principle that I had failed to communicate clearly with you.  


Robert Craven  01:02 

And what that is when you look at the dramatic difference, what separates you out from the rest. Everyone else can do those numbers thing, and everyone else can and often does do that number thing, everyone else can demonstrate that they can deliver by showing who they've worked with and what they've done. And that is still pretty predictable. And although it's appeals to the rational side of the brain, doesn't appeal to the emotional side of the brain. And we all know that most of our decision making is actually emotional, not rational. Most people have kind of made a decision they want to buy from you, by the time they've looked at your website, because they've heard about you and they know you're quite good. So this hones into the dramatic difference.  


Robert Craven  01:51 

So business benefit, benefit, real reason to believe you can deliver dramatic difference, the thing that makes you dramatically different from everyone else, is not just how you do stuff, that actually it's about how you within that house is about what you care about what you stand for, what makes you different from the rest. It's about how much you care. And there's this trite phrase about people don't care about what you know, they want to know that you care. But that is absolutely key to this thing.  


Robert Craven  02:30 

So I asked you this question. Who is it? Who is it that you care about? Who specifically it can't be everyone? So we go back to the elevator pitch we work with. You have a problem with who but more specifically, understand who they are? Why it's a problem? Why is a problem for them? But even more than that, communicate with them? Why you care about them? What is it you care about? What is it you're trying to do for them what problem you're trying to solve? How do you care? And  what do you do to demonstrate that you care? I think the thing that you will end up with if you're not careful is creating an AI designed automatons Type value proposition that only does the numbers and misses out the one thing that no one else can do is the your agencies worked with these sorts of people because you've always found working with these sorts of people fascinating. And most importantly, how is it that you demonstrate that you care? How is it you demonstrate you care? Because I think that people respond to people people buy from people like themselves. So how can you demonstrate  that you really care about them? If you're able to do that by not being automated, by not being like everyone else, if you're able to do that, then I believe you will stand out in that third pillar, which is being dramatically remarkably different from everyone else, because no one else can be you. So figure out who you care about, and how you're going to demonstrate to them that you really care.