Building a Training Business, Whilst Running a 150 person Ukrainian Agency with Anton Voruniuk

courses & learning mindset podcast sales and business development Nov 20, 2023

In this GYDA Talks, Janusz talks to Anton Voruniuk. Anton is СEO of SkillsBooster Academy. Anton has been teaching Digital Marketing since 2012. During this time he has trained thousands of students who now work at some of the biggest international companies, such as Huawei, Ciklum, Metro, Auchan, Сoca-Cola and Sanofi. He will teach you where to begin, what instrument to use and how to build a complex strategy of your brand promotion.

Janusz and Anton discuss the war in Ukraine and the challenges that this brings. Anton also talks us through running a training company and how this relates to his other very successful business, the digital marketing agency, Web Promo Experts.

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