Book Review - Secrets of Successful Sales by Alison Edgar

book courses & learning resources Aug 03, 2022

WATCH: 2 mins
REVIEWER: Janusz Stabik

Alison Edgar uses the DISC personality model to explain the importance of your client’s different personality types and how to ensure that you apply those psychological principles to your sales strategy.

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This week's one minute book review the Secrets of Successful Sales by Alison Edgar, 6 out of 10.


Now, where this is really good. What I love about this book is it helps you to identify those sales that didn't quite go your way. Where you thought you put a good bit of a good proposal together, a good pitch together, but you didn't really feel the chemistry.


He had a gut feel that didn't go right. And typically, as Alison identifies, this is a down to different personality types, pitching to somebody who's different to you, and then wanting different things.


And it uses the DISC personality profiling mechanisms to help identify the personality profile the person you're pitching to. If they're an alpha and they're just looking for the executive summary, then just give them the executive summary.


If they're more analytical and a little bit more introverted, then give them the analysis, give them the detail. Don't make a mistake, spend your time, putting effort into that proposal. But don't do the opposite.


Don't give the analytical stuff to the alpha and the executive summary to the analytical person. It's really, really good at identifying those gaps.


Those gut feelings, those chemistry mismatches, to help identify who you're pitching to, what they want to see from you, how quickly you've got to move to win their business and to personalize your presentations and your pictures and your sales material.


It's a 6 out of 10 because the rest of it, I think you probably already know. It's the kind of stuff that it's repeated in most sales books. But where it's really strong is on this personality profiling piece.


So Secrets of Successful Sales skip straight to that chapter. Alison Edgar 6 out of 10.