Thought Bubble - Enthuse Your Customers And Staff

articles coronavirus leadership mindset Apr 21, 2020

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AUTHOR: Robert Craven

Persistently enthuse your customers and staff with your passion and excitement for your business - they are your ambassadors!

I am a great believer in nurturing the passion and excitement that you have for your agency - create raving fans and ambassadors for your product and suddenly life becomes much easier. It is simply not enough to deliver an OK service; you need to blow people away with your legendary service and then they will tell others.

I am often cited for my "I love my accountant" quote.

And why do I love him?

Because he blows me away with the quality of the service and because of the customer experience.

So there's some food for thought.


Thought Bubble:

If an accountant can excite staff and customers then why can't you?