Article - The Role Of Passion In Your Agency’s Success

articles leadership mindset Mar 01, 2022

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AUTHOR: Janusz Stabik

When you are able to position yourself well in the industry, and your marketing plan becomes clear, does passion matter in terms of becoming truly successful?

We have heard from a lot of marketing experts and successful entrepreneurs that
passion in business is important. But many are still wondering if it is indeed necessary, and whether you should be passionate about your services and products to achieve success.

The thing about passion is that, among the abilities and traits that you must possess to thrive in the industry, it can’t really be acquired or learned. Your passion can motivate you to reach a particular goal. It powers the creativity, determination, and hard work that make it possible for us to make outstanding accomplishments.

Passion Helps, but It’s Not All that Matters

It is safe to say that being passionate about your work or business and enjoying it helps immensely. In fact, it is something that we should seek and try to help make it happen. It works as a strong driving force towards success because it gives us powerful commitment and dedication to make a business work no matter how challenging the process may be.

Running a business or operating an agency is not easy. The grind of establishing a
digital agency can take a toll on you physically, mentally, and emotionally. If you do not have a sense of purpose or passion that drives you forward, it is easy to give up. Of course, it is a wonderful thing to be able to do what we love. But it shouldn’t be such an essential light post down the road that we refuse to do things we do not enjoy.

Passion is not the holy grail

It would help if you did not demand passion. While it is essential to follow a course you are interested in, it should not limit you from achieving more or getting out of your comfort zone. Just because you are not comfortable with something does not mean you should abandon it.

Besides, not everyone can quickly identify what they want to do to bring out the best in them. If you wait until you can decide what you would like to pursue, then you might end up not accomplishing anything. On the other hand, if you try to create a sense of urgency, it could backfire and stress you out.

That notion of having to find something that you love and doing it is a bit narrow and limiting because it cannot be applied to everyone. Some people don’t have that option, so they are forced to make the most out of what is in front of them.

If you are someone who enjoys what you do, then do not take that for granted. It is
something to be grateful for because not everyone can have that. However, it is also important that you don’t try to avoid what you don’t like doing, because that is where growth comes in.

If not passion, where should your motivation come from?

Let’s say you are going to set up an agency. It is a big market, and no other agencies
are focusing on your target. You see a huge potential but do not know anything about the numbers, and you do not typically love it.

We have established that passion is crucial for success, but in this scenario, where
should the drive come from? The answer to this may be personal, as it depends on
what excites or motivates you. You can also be driven and inspired by the fact that you are making a real difference for your clients.

If there are not many agencies focusing on them, it means that they have requirements and needs that have not been met, and that is where you come in to help them. Plus, you are making good money, and it funds your life outside of work.
Perhaps, part of the problem is that we are sold on the idea that we must love
everything we do that we chase doing things that we enjoy all the time. Because of this, there is less separation between our personal and work lives.

There is no denying that passion is an essential element of having a business. It keeps you going despite the challenges and difficulties that your agency will come across.

Although it is a critical part of achieving a growing business, it is not always enough.